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Amorgos Notebook (Cuaderno de Amorgós) is a book-length sequence published in Mexico City in 2007, which won for the author Mexico's most prestigious national poetry award, the Xavier Villaurrutia Prize. Amorgos is the easternmost island in the Cyclades, where the author has spent much time, but this is no sequence of travel poems: rather the author fashions a rhapsodic celebration of place, bringing together—in one impressionistic whole—the light, the sea, buildings, birds and history—and Amorgos history goes back beyond classical Greece, to the obscure period almost five thousand years ago, which saw the creation of the remarkable sculptures now known as Cycladic.

"Elsa Cross is one of the most personal voices in recent Latin-American poetry. Her work, already extensive, bring together some of the most perfect poems among those written by the most recent generations of Mexican [writers]. […] Two opposing aspects are united in harmony in Elsa Cross: complexity of thought, and clarity of diction."
~ Octavio Paz

"Another tradition is reshaped in the poetry of Elsa Cross, a distinctive poet who seeks to transcend personal experience through philosophical and metaphysicial explorations, a project already beyong the edge of literature. Her precise, enumerating writing communicates the fullness of the moment in a world that is harmonious but also engaging. These poems are the account of an epiphanic dialogue that the poet registers as a ritual of substitutions-–the words superseding and choosing their speaker. The reflective mood of the work suggest as well the yearning for a sacred restitution."
~ Julio Ortega, Brown University

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Amorgos Notebook,
Bilingual edition
Translated by Luis Ingelmo & Tony Frazer
Shearsman Books
Bristol, UK., 2018.


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