Elsa Cross
Photo: E. J. Q. Montilla (2002)

Welcome to this website. I have launched it with the purpose of offering information about my literary and academic work. I want it to be useful for people who may need it for research purposes, or who have some interest in it.

The detailed record of activities and publications that UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), where I teach, requests annually from its professors has forced me to collect and keep up to date many details that I would otherwise not have a record or memory of.

I have been writing for more than five decades and my publications are quite numerous. For each book that appears on the screen, when you click on its cover, you will find a selection of texts belonging to that book, some critical notes, and perhaps some interviews about that particular book. In some cases, as in my Poesía completa (1964-2012), a purchase link is provided, offered by the Fondo de Cultura Económica.

There are also other curricular data, photographs of some writer’s meetings, news, as well as a record of my academic work, books of essays, and translations.

I thank Rosa María Quezada for her typing work, Martha Patricia Espinosa for her logistical help, and above all, Gabriela Galindo for the design and construction of the website. I also thank Denissa Greenwood for her translation into English of this website section.

Recent Publications

Elsa Cross: Beyond the sea

Beyond the Sea

Bilingual edition
Shearsman Books, Bristol, UK.

Elsa Cross: Amorgos Notebook

Amorgos Notebook

Bilingual edition
Shearsman Books, Bristol, UK.

Elsa Cross: Bomarzo


Ediciones Era